1. Idea of ​​the Lily Was Here by Liliana Kupidura's loyalty program

Membership and participation in the loyalty program is free, completely voluntary and does not oblige Program Participants for any benefits to the Organizer of the Lily Was Here Loyalty Program by Liliana Kupidura, Liliana Kupidura, Klwaty 110, 26-660 Jedlińsk, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.

The aim of the program is a special distinction of Liliana Kupidura's loyal customers, Lily Was Here, who appreciate the quality of our products, which is determined by the number of purchases made in the online store.

These regulations contain the terms and conditions of participation in the program and are binding on the Organizer and Participants from the moment of its announcement on the website: for an indefinite period, subject to the possibility of its suspension or termination by the Organizer at any time without giving reasons.

2. Conditions for joining the program

1. Only individuals with full legal capacity may participate in the promotion program.

2. The loyalty program participant must have an active User account in the online store Lily Was Here by Liliana Kupidura

3. The loyalty program participant must make a purchase in the online store Lily Was Here by Liliana Kupidura.

3. The rules of the loyalty program

1. The fulfillment of the above conditions set out in these Regulations entitles the Participants to receive rebate points awarded to the Participant's individual account.

2. For each 100.00 PLN spent by the Participant on shopping in the Online Store, the User receives 10 rebate point. Points are awarded after the release of each subsequent PLN 100.00. In the Loyalty Program, fractional parts of rebate points are not awarded.

3. Discount points are calculated after 14 business days from the date of changing the status of the order to "completed".

4. The organizer reserves the right not to credit points from the purchase of products discounted or purchased using other promotions.

5. The organizer reserves the right not to credit points for the order, which was carried out using previously collected points.

6. The collected points are valid on the Customer's account for 12 months from their obtaining, then they are deleted unrequited.

7. The Customer can check the number of collected points and the history of their use at any time, after logging in to their account.

4. Use of rebate points

1. The Participant may use the rebate points in order to get a discount when making subsequent purchases in the Online Store, selecting the appropriate functionality on the User's Account. When shopping using the collected points, the customer has the opportunity to use all collected points, without dividing the points for use.

2. Points are exchanged in relation to: 1 rebate point - 1 PLN rebate at the next purchase, following the appropriate rules presented in point 3.

3. Points can not be exchanged for cash.

4. Points can not be used in a different way than indicated in point 1 above.

Final Provisions

1. The participant may at any time resign from participation in the Loyalty Program by sending an e-mail to:

2. Complaints about the operation of the Loyalty Program should be reported:

by phone, by phone: +48 882 810 087
via email:
in writing to: Lily Was Here by Liliana Kupidura, Klwaty 110, 26-660 Jedlińsk, Poland.
3. The Regulations of the Loyalty Program may be changed by the Organizer at any time.

4. In matters not covered in these Regulations, the provisions of the Online Store Regulations Lily Was Here by Liliana Kupidura should be applied accordingly.